Mirrors and Gems

Switch on any fashion channel on television and the first thing you will see will be a stream of children marching up and down the ramps gloating in the paparazzi that is surrounding them and flaunting of their biggest crooked smiles. You may wonder why has the world of fashion begun to display kid models but that is how the scene of the modern day world of marketing works. And the most exciting part about this is how much more fashion has come to evolve and has rooted itself in varied aspect of day to day living.

Earlier the topic of jewelry use to form a conversation around heirlooms and old villas surrounding lonely islands, of mother’s days and valentines evenings when every woman was gifted somewhat of a treasure either looted or owned by her husband. Those were the days when jewelry was much more of a possession that something that formed a regular part of everyday affairs. It was only in luncheons or soirée parties that hosts and invitees flaunted their lifestyles through the picturesque mode of jewelry. But now jewelry is a whole new affair. It is no longer understate rather is overrated and much rightly so for its prominence is something that is making it not only an accessory in the fashion world but also giving it the form of one the key essentials that enhance clothing.

As has always been, it is the diamonds to hunt for or the gold and platinum. Designers are now taking expensive metals and transforming them to slivers with the faintest of the diamonds glittering on the top to make coveted neckpieces and dazzling rings. They are going all out to incorporate the themes of nature or the themes of recycling and are producing designs that speak of journeys that have been taken or are yet to be divulged into. Jewelry has become a tool to voice out opinions. Be it through solid gold bars with giant emeralds that reflect the magnificence of the Egyptian era or the use of dyed feathers that represent minority musical groups such the punks, jewelry has become a standup point of expression.

A raving outcome of modern jewelry is the domain of kids’ jewelry. From kids’ earringsthat are tiny baubles of hearts, stars, candy to rings that are miniature representations of roses and magnolias to three lines of artificial diamonds line one on top of the other, every design is something made for young ones who love to accessorize their outfits. Also, kids’ jewelry has become one of the most creative modes of gifting. Be it your child’s first communion or her 13th birthday that will mark her journey into her teen years, you could present them with a little diamond pendant on a sterling silver chain for celebration. The first pair of earrings for your baby girl is crucial and therefore select from semi-precious to precious stones to find her the perfect match for her tiny earlobes.

Boys are not left behind when it comes to jewelry. Every young one will either have those unisexual hemp necklaces or those neon rubber bracelets that cling to their wrists in clusters or those studs that mark a cross or a ying-yang symbol. Piercings are popular among teens that get their belly buttons dressed up along with pierces metal studded eyebrows.

The access to jewelry is for everyone. It just depends on how you choose to define yourself whether it is through metal or through diamonds; each piece of jewelry should define you.

BIO: Pearl Menon lives in the City of Arizona and is a jewelry analyst. She studies the growing and changing designs of jewelry and reports on the most advancing and up-coming trends in the field. She loves the zone of kids’ jewelry as it provides for a much needed field of experimentation. She loves to writer for http://www.tanyasjewelry.com/

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