How to Make Birthday Cards

Floral, Embossed Birthday Card


If your friend, child or loved one is celebrating his/her birthday soon, make the birthday card you intend to give as a gift, on your own. Even though there are gift cards in stores or bookshops, it means a lot to the recipient if you make one on your own. Be creative when designing the cards. This can be done through the addition of a variety of textures obtained from cutouts of lace and felt or by an addition of 3D elements to the card’s face. Here are some Do-It-Yourself birthday card ideas.

Photo Birthday Card

Placing a photo of the recipient in front and in the middle of a birthday card makes it more special. Fold a card stock into two equal parts. Make a small hole in the card’s face which is sizeable enough to allow picture visibility. Preferably, this hole should be roughly a half inch lesser in size than the photo on all edges so as to hold the picture into position. Stick a satin ribbon on the sides of the photo, on the front part of the birthday card to appear pleasant. Write a nice birthday message on the card’s face with a nice writing style. Also put a note, poem or both inside the card. Whether it is a baby birth card, cute thank you baby card or a simple birthday card, placing a photo will definitely give it a special touch.

Popping Card

Transforming an ordinary card to unique and creative pop-up card makes the card more amazing. Fold a card stock into two equal parts then beautify the front. Pick an image related to a birthday, like a wrapped gift, party hat or cake, then nicely cut it out or print it from the internet. Fold a paper strip similar to an accordion. Stick one end of the accordion-shaped strip to the rear side of the picture and the other to the inner part of the card, and then close it. By opening the card again, the image should pop out. Write a short note related to the picture inside the card. For instance, a hat’s picture inside the card can go with a note like “Hats off! It is your birthday”

Pretty Floral Card

Planning ahead can help you make an attractive birthday card with pressed flowers. For quality cards, use a flower like pansy which is flat blossomed. Apply pressure on the flowers by placing them in between pages of big books, like the dictionary, for a number of weeks until they are dried. Fold one sheet of the card stock. Cautiously raise the pansy and place it in the middle of the card’s face. Use a variety of flowers and place the blossoms and the dried stems in a particular order to create a bouquet on your card’s face. Stick the bouquet on the birthday card using very little amount of glue. Then wait for the glue to dry totally before having any writings on the card.

Fuzzy Card

Cut a shapely fabric texture or piece of felt, looking like a cupcake or a flower. Maintain the shape of the tiny part; not exceeding three inches square. Now fold the cardstock into two equal parts then stick the fabric shape on the card’s face. Below the shape, write a short note like “Happy birthday.” The whole idea is to give the card a simple look and making the fabric’s texture the center of attraction. Scribble a short note to the card’s recipient inside the card.

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