The need to clothe our roofs for our comfort and protection

Roofs provide protection to us and also help us to maintain a comfortable standard of living. Thus many new modern and different materials are being discovered everyday which provide a better cover to the roofs and also makes it more durable against the scorching heat or under the heavy torrents of rain. There are different qualities of roofing materials and of different materials as well, and each material has different special features. Some are made such that they can prevent a fire if any calamity occurs. So are made such that they are durable and can stay sturdy devoid of any need to change it for a long period of time. Again some are made such that the rooms are well ventilated and some air gaps are maintained such that the house is not stuffy. All these varieties give the buyers a chance to select a roofing material according to their necessity.

Roofing shingles are of different kinds and all of them have different uses and features. Few such roofing shingles are metal sheets and shingles, wood sheets and shingles, fibre cement shingles, asphalt shingles, membrane shingles, tiles clay and concrete shingles, etc. the metal sheet shingles are made up of some specific light weight metals like copper, aluminium and steels either stainless or galvanized and they are painted so that they can provide a better protection to the house. These materials are preferred as they tend to be lightweight and sturdy at the same time that increases its demand amongst the customers. They provide a better protection to the houses and make the family feel more secure. The wood shingles are also used in many houses.

However it is not very safe as it is more susceptible to catching fire is there is any because of its conductive property it is better to avoid using these shingles. As for the fiber cement shingles they are less brittle when compared to cement shingles and thus it makes them more non-combustible. They are actually mixed together to make them harder and durable and this improves the quality of this roofing material. Another kind of roof shingles is being used now-a-days called the asphalt roof shingles that are economical and thus preferred by many customers. They are of good quality and provide proper protection at a less cost.

Membrane roofs are combustible in nature compared to the rest so it is always used in conjunction with other materials. They however are kind of semi-solid in nature and provide pretty hard roofing to the houses. The wooden shingles are combustibles and thus are risky to use, however those who wants to use slates looking like wooden shingles can use the tile concrete and clay shingles that give the impression of the roof being made of wooden shingles.

Other than these different kinds of modified membranes are used to protect the roofs and many different kinds of thermoplastics are used. Sometimes polyester or pitch is used to build the roofs of houses. These roofing materials make sure that the house is protected and that no harm is done to the house per the building. They are used to cover the top of the houses and have different reasons for it as well. Seamed metals are also being used to provide a better guard to the houses. They not only improve the security of the house but also ensure that there is proper air space such that the house does not get stuffy or uncomfortable to stay in. It tends to make the house more airy and adjusts the temperature of the house according to weather changes.


Author Bio: Scott, a self-established businessman has set up his own business of making, selling and installing roof shingles in different houses and does pretty well for a living. He is focused on fibre and asphalt shingles as of now but plans to extend his business to making, installing and selling of membrane shingles.

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