How to Plan the Perfect Children’s Birthday Party

Whether your little one is turning one, ten or anywhere in between, you want to throw an enthralling birthday party for him or her. It can certainly be a little bit overwhelming to select all of the necessary details, but these steps will help you along the way.

Choose a Date and Time
Generally, it’s best to choose the date and time first as this can dictate what type of theme you’re doing, where the party can be held and so forth. Of course, if you are choosing an external venue, it would be smart to have a couple of dates and times in mind when you visit the establishment. Another party may already be booked during your first choice.

Pick a Theme
Children, especially the younger ones, absolutely love when the party has a theme to it. The possibilities are wide and varied, and they could include outer space, princesses, fairy tales, the seasons, the harvest, Christmas, pajamas, breakfast and so many more. Deciding the theme early on is wise because it will eliminate some of the choices for locale. For example, if your child wants to have a breakfast themed party, you aren’t going to book it at a restaurant that serves only dinner.

Establishing a Place
Now that you have figured out some of the other details, it’s time to find a place that matches the theme you want. The theme could be built from the location, but you’ll often want to add in your own special touches. Look at local bowling alleys, restaurants, pizza places, ice cream shoppes and establishments that are especially made for children’s birthday parties. If you can’t find a place, consider having it at home. Indeed, you’ll be surprised at how many people you can fit into even the tiniest of houses.

Creating the Guest List
Here is where the process starts to get a little bit difficult. Determine how much money you can afford to spend, and let your child know how many friends he or she can invite. Yes, children need to learn how to deal with disappointment, but you also don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. For example, it would generally be acceptable for your daughter to invite all of the girls in the class and leave out all of the boys, but simply selecting to not invite two or three children could really make them upset. Be certain that the invitations state what the theme is and if the children should dress in costume to match it.

Planning Activities
If your children are older, say in their teenage years, they might not need too many activities. They will likely entertain themselves by listening to music, chatting with one another and dancing. For younger ones, try to pick activities that match the theme of the party. For example, everyone could participate in holiday activities for kids such as making a mini manger or Christmas tree. At an outerspace themed party, look into purchasing those packets of astronaut food that are on the market. Just be sure that all of the ingredients are safe for the guests to eat. You don’t need to overwhelm the children with activities, but you should have a decent mixture of them.

The Food
You don’t want to skimp out on the food at a birthday party! Remember to be sensitive to allergies as many children can have bad, or even fatal, reactions to foods such as peanut butter. Note such issues before you even order the food. You should also plan to have food that matches the theme of the party to keep everything in line. From the invitations to the final adieu, you want to ensure a sense of continuity in the party.

Tokens of Appreciation
It’s generally always considered appropriate to send each child home with a little bag of treats. These bags can include stickers, small toys, candies or other fun items. Once again, matching the items with the overall theme of the party is really a splendid idea. When you are selecting items to put into the bags, be sure to watch out for allergens and choking hazards.

Sending Thank Yous
Once all of the guests have left, your child will likely want to open his or her presents right away. Keep a list of who sent him or her which items, and have your child send out thank you cards within the next few days.

All of these tips help to ensure that the birthday party is really a big hit!

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