What to look for when buying a mobile home

Buying a mobile home differs only slightly from buying a house. That’s because you’ll still want to check all of the structural and cosmetic aspects that normally help influence you in the buying process. Similarly, you might want to look beyond what’s already there; so that you can identify areas where you can improve, expand, or redecorate the home.

Ultimately the main difference when you are comparing mobile homes for sale versus a house is the size. While one spans two floors and may have many rooms, your mobile home is likely to have less space and just one floor.

However, on the plus side this means that there’s less that can go wrong, and more that you can address – at a much cheaper cost.

So do considering looking over the following before you commit to buying one mobile home over another.

Structural quality

Check all aspects of the home’s structure; from its walls to window seals, roof lights, catches on lockers and doors, to the roof itself. There should be no cracks in any of the surfaces, nor damage to the furniture inside.

The mobile home’s floor should feel solid and even to walk on. Lumps or sponginess my indicate a failure in the composition of the material (delamination) and should be avoided.

If you make sure to get the age of the accommodation then you should be able to figure out how early – or late – into its life cycle it is for routine maintenance jobs such as recladding, which should be carried out every 20 years or so - or painting (every three – four years).

Cosmetic appearance

Damp is just as much an issue in a mobile home as it is in a house so check in the areas where it might be most likely to appear (cupboard corners, behind sofas, beds). Too much damp could indicate some sort of a leak and will eventually destroy the interiors of the home.

While scuffs on scratches on soft and hard furnishings might be common after any period of use, it’s entirely up to you if you decide to move in somewhere where these problems exist.

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