Highly Exciting Wii Games for Women

Women these days find a great source of entertainment in the Wii games that are designed specifically for them. One can argue that all the games are for both the genders. But it is a fact that it is being witnessed how the number of women gamers is increasing gradually. This increase is because of the growing popularity of Wii games that are particularly for women.

One may wonder that what are the Wii games that are liked the most by women. Well, the games that are intellectually stimulating such as the puzzle games are highly popular among women. Women do not like such games where there is too much of fighting and bloodshed and everything is quite gory. Games where there is a lot of movement and physical exertion required are also quite popular among women. The reason for this is women are quite conscious about maintaining their figure and these games do help them to stay at their fittest best. Keeping these factors in mind, the game developers have designed Wii games that will be liked particularly by women. Discussed below are the names and features of some of those games.

Exciting Wii Games for Women

  • “Dr. Mario”- This game is really a classic. The storyline involves a plumber named Mario. He has changed his profession and has become a doctor who loves tetris. The game involves certain exciting features such as matching one capsule with another and the viruses having same color and then putting them altogether. A combination that is successful will get the viruses eliminated.
  • “Mario Kart”- This is another Wii game that is extremely popular among women. In this game Mario drives a Go Kart. The level of console racing is far better than the banal and glitz racing games that has sports cars which are quite boring. Mario kart is a racing game that provides the gamer with some real fun and humor.

 Exercise Games

It has been noticeable that many men are now becoming conscious of their health and physical appearance most of them still prefer using the traditional methods of staying fit. It is the women who prefer making use of the exercise games in order to stay in shape. They like it because these games can be enjoyed at the comfort of home or any other indoor setting. Women who do not have the time to go out for jogging or hitting the gym on a regular basis really enjoy playing these games. Mentioned below are some of the popular exercise games.

  • “EA Sports Active”- It features a lot of physical routines. It makes women feel that exercise is nothing boring or tedious. Each and every movement that the gamer makes is accurately captured in the game. The game is truly of high quality.
  • “Wii Fit Plus”- Exercising can at times be quite boring. This why the publishers of Wii games make sure that it does not appear to be laborious and boring for the women.

To conclude it can be said that the Wii games for women are stuffed with some excellent features that can keep the women gamers hooked for long hours.

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