Get Creative With Paving

The tonality of Indian sandstone paving does not have to be uniform, it can instead bring a variety of colours to proceedings which can add some much needed life. From light faded browns to golden yellows and rusted grays, the colour variations can be subtle or stark, yet can work surprisingly well side by side. Calibrated yellow sandstone can however give a much more uniform look to the sandstone while the fossil calibrated options tend more towards the grey end of the spectrum. Combinations can also create interesting patterns, highlighting certain flags to create a neat pathway, for instance, along a patio.

Carefully considering the environment it is to be put into is a good idea since it will allow contrasting and complementary features to arise with other materials. One such opportunity is with travertine tiles which can add some variety for when creating steps and patios. The outdoor travertine paving typically has the same elegant finish as the internal variety, except more hardwearing to deal with the elements. The subtle colour variations between travertine and sandstone can make for a more varied paved area, particularly when working with lawns and wood areas. Each of these can work very well with decorative aggregates such as pebbling, Scottish cobbles or even slate chippings. With all of this in mind the homeowner can become a landscape artist creating unique patterns and environments that are really a pleasure to be in. A little thought can realise something unique and memorable, which is perfect for commercial applications.

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