Trendy Bridal Jewelry for 2013

As we enter a new year, thoughts of updating our style tend to come to mind. If you have been planning your wedding pre-2013, you may feel the urge to change some aspects of your big day. Maybe you have even committed to a dress, venue, and design for your wedding. You can still implement new trends through your bridal jewelry that are sure to make you feel beautiful and unique.

One of the main trends that we see transitioning from 2012 into the New Year is the use of vintage accents. Vintage offers thrifty brides the chance to implement family heirlooms and traditional jewelry into their look. You can also purchase pieces at local antique stores or even online. If you prefer to not go the second hand route, many bridal jewelry stores offer new jewelry that is vintage-styled. An easy way to implement this trend is by adding a classic tiara to your hair. This simple, 1950’s reminiscent accent piece will make you feel, and look, like a princess on your big day. Chandelier earrings are another blast from the past that you will notice this year. Popular in the 1940’s and 1960’s, they offer a truly elegant style that compliments any bridal look. This is another thrifty way of implementing vintage into your style. Unless you insist on diamonds or other high-end gems or materials, you can easily find breathtaking chandelier earrings at reasonable prices, new or used.

If vintage isn’t your thing and you prefer to keep your look entirely modern, you may appreciate this bridal jewelry trend. Bold jewelry is taking center stage in 2013. Chunky gems, brightly colored accents, and over-sized chains are taking over bridal magazines and jewelry stores. They offer a feminine change to classic bridal jewelry, which tends to be thin and quaint. This year, jewelry is becoming a statement piece, rather than a simple accent. This trend is confident and often times abstract. If you aren’t having a traditional wedding, an over-sized necklace may be the perfect piece to complement your look.

Every girl loves pearls. Luckily, pearls are right on trend in bridal jewelry. New pearl styles aren’t something you would see in your grandmother’s collection though. Following in the vintage and bold jewelry trends, pearls are making an entrance. 2013 designs implement pearls in an abstract way. You will see off-set designs instead of traditionally placed pearls. Additional accents will be featured with many new pearl styles, such as gemstones and precious metals. For fans of bohemian style, pearl chains for your hair will be appealing. These lovely ensembles are reminiscent of the 1920′s and offer a subtle and feminine touch to your look.

Emerald will be seen in a variety of jewelry styles this year. Pantone announced that it is the color of the year for 2013. Rich, deep, and mysterious shades of green are right on trend and add a unique touch to your look. An easy way to add this gorgeous pop of color is by choosing a ring with an emerald stone. This adds a subtle color accent that would work with any wedding theme. If you are feeling more courageous, try an over-sized necklace with emerald stones. This knocks two trends at once and adds a bold touch to your look.

As you may have noticed, many trends are reviving elements from previous eras. This vintage-revival is taking over bridal jewelry. It is fun, feminine, unique, and easy to add into your final look.

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