Pretty Bridesmaids

Every bride-to-be wants a happy, memorable wedding. The process of planning a wedding can be stressful at times, especially when a bride needs to choose dresses for her bridesmaids and maid of honor. There are a lot of factors to consider when selecting bridesmaids’ dresses, starting with the wedding’s color scheme and style.

Most brides will want to match a certain color scheme when choosing their bridesmaids’ dresses. While there are hundreds of varieties and colors to choose from, it is important to keep the setting in mind when making selections. For example, a spring wedding will often feature light, fresh colors, while richer reds might be more appropriate for a winter wedding. While some brides choose extremely bright or gaudy designs for their bridesmaids, the best tactic is to select trendy dresses that the bridesmaids won’t mind wearing in the future. If a bridesmaid feels pretty in her dress and can proudly hang her dress in her closet and wear it occasionally for formal events, the bride has made an appropriate selection.

With that being said, some types of dresses are better suited to specific body types and complexions. Brides should keep these factors in mind when selecting dresses. Flowing dresses with simple colors work well for taller women, for example, while light pastel colors are not always an ideal choice for women with darker complexions. Brides can help their bridesmaids look great by picking out general colors and styles and allowing each bridesmaid to make a final decision regarding dress choice. It is important to keep all members of the wedding party comfortable, and brides can guarantee their bridesmaids’ comfort by giving them a little bit of control over their outfits.

Alternately, a bride might decide to shop with her bridesmaids in order to get their opinions on dress options and to make sure that all of the selected outfits fit properly. Early in the planning process, bridesmaids can even make color scheme recommendations for the bride-to-be. However, bridesmaids should remember that the bride has the final say. After all, it is her wedding.

When shopping for bridesmaid dresses, Brisbane women should look for a store that can provide a large variety of colors and styles. Brides can make the process much easier by creating a quick planning list that describes the wedding’s style, color scheme and the individual attributes of each of the bridesmaids and the maid of honor. A capable bridal shop should be able to help the bride make an appropriate decision and measure the bridesmaids to ensure a great fit within an afternoon or so. Whether shopping alone or with her bridesmaids, a bride needs a high-quality store in order to make solid decisions for her wedding.


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