Easy Homemade Christmas Candles

The Light of Christmas

If you are thinking of a Christmas gift for that someone special and want to make something homemade, a Christmas pillar candle would be the easiest thing for you to make. You can make a personalized candle for everyone on your list. You can have your children help you make the candles and enjoy some time with them as well. You will be able to give every one of your friends a candle and save money no matter how many candles you decide to make.

You will be able to find pillar candles in any crafting store or any gift stores for as little as one dollar and you can spend as much as you would like on other pillar candles depending on the different shapes and sizes you are looking for to decorate. Next you will have to decide on whether you would want a scented candle or one that doesn’t smell. You can ask you friends which scent they like and buy that person their favorite scent which would make the candle all the more special. There are so many scents and since it is the Christmas holiday, you will see more cinnamon, pine and evergreen scented candles that can be decorated.

Look around the house and see if you can find a permanent marker, some acrylic paints and some small paint brushes, q-tips will help you and some rubbing alcohol. Look for toothpicks and a pencil and anything else you can think of to make your candles special. If you have any stickers around the house those would come in handy or you can buy stickers in a dollar store for one dollar and draw on them. The ideas are endless when personalizing your Christmas pillar candle. Get some newspaper and lay that down on your work surface if you or the children should spill any paints so you won’t make a mess plus it’s much easier to clean up.

If you are good at drawing take the toothpick and draw your design on the candle. If not, you may want to outline or trace a Christmas picture from an old Christmas card or a coloring book using the toothpick or you can use the point of the pencil. Remember to be careful always so you don’t slip up and put an unnecessary mark on the candle. Now that there is a groove where you traced the picture, you can start to paint so take your paint brush and paints and color in the picture. If you make a mistake when painting, take a cotton swab and dip it into the rubbing alcohol and rub the paint off the candle with the cotton swab until the paint is gone. By now you could have gotten the idea of how great your candle wiil look and how it could be one of the best gift ideas for Christmas.

After you finished painting on the side of the pillar candle, let it sit for about ten minutes to make sure it’s all dry. Once dry, you can add stickers to it or a pretty red and green ribbon. You can put the person’s name on the pillar candle if you want. The ideas for a home decorated pillar candle are endless. Use your imagination and once you have created candles for Christmas you may want to decorate them all year for any holiday that you’ll need a gift for.

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