How To Handle The Business Phone

Telephone Answering Services vs. Answering Your Own Calls

When it comes to running a business, there are a lot of things that you need to consider. As a business manager, you will no doubt have many different priorities on your mind, which means that some things can fall by the wayside.

One thing that you should not let fall in your list of priorities is your telephone answering. Although this may seem a minor part of your business, answering the phone is actually probably one of the most important functions that you can undertake in your company.

Answering the phone to your suppliers means that you can build good strong relationships with them, and answering to potential customers means that you gain valuable business, which is in your best interests. A professional, friendly telephone manner is crucial, and to people calling the business for the first time, the member of staff answering the phone becomes the voice of the business, and first impressions count!

answering business phone

Many businesses have the debate whether they should answer their own telephone calls or outsource this service to a professional call centre company.

Answering your own calls can save you some money, but it may put a strain on your existing staff. Staff that had been hired to conduct administration, marketing or other duties may find themselves burdened with telephone calls which could affect their overall performance for the job they should be doing.

Answering your own calls can also be a risk, because you might not be as professional as you would like. As calls come in to the business on a daily basis, your existing staff may be rushed off their feet and may not answer the telephone call to the best impression. They may leave the phone ringing for some time, and in some circumstances they may need to put the call through to voicemail service. This gives a poor impression to your customers, who simply want to speak to somebody directly. They may choose a competitor company to do business with instead.

When you outsource to a live answering service, you gain various benefits. One of the first benefits is that you no longer need to worry about your existing staff being burdened with calls, and you know that the only calls that you will receive are those that you specifically asked to be sent through to your phone.

If you’re on the go, you can ask for some calls to be directed straight to your mobile phone. The professional call centre staff will answer all questions in a very professional tone and with a script that you desire, so that you build a good impression of your company and your overall brand. Although there is an initial cost, this acts as an investment in your business which could actually benefit you and your staff in securing future leads and building stronger relationships with contacts.



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