Family Orthodontists in Canberra

A patient’s first visit to an orthodontists in Canberra will be a fact-finding mission to discover exactly what the patient needs, the patient’s medical history, and a full orthodontic examination. After the exam, the doctor will discuss what the issues are and what treatment options would best suit the patient.

Once the doctor has established that treatment is required, he will take x-rays, photographs and moulds of the teeth. Another appointment will be made so the patient and doctor can discuss the findings and complete a written plan for treatment and payment.

Most orthodontists agree that children should be seen by the age of eight years old. Children at around eight will have had their four adult teeth break through the gums, which will show the future bite ability. The earlier a child can be diagnosed with orthodontic problems the quicker corrective treatment can be started. Adults can be seen at any age for orthodontic treatments.

Invisalign aligners can help people with spacing, mild crowding or if they have had a relapse from their previous treatments. The doctor will evaluate each patient as an individual and inform the patient as to what the patient can expect from invisalign treatments. If invisalign aligners are suitable for the patient, the doctor will take accurate moulds of all the teeth. These moulds will be sent to invisalign and changed into digital 3D models of your teeth. There will be several trays of aligners made, which the patient will use in a certain order. Each tray will be used for about two weeks and will move your teeth slightly, as prescribed by your doctor. The aligners are invisible and have been laser cut for each individuals needs.

Invisalign users rarely get sores in their mouths from using the aligners. There are no sharp edges or wires to be caught on the lips or inside of the mouth, which would create the sores. Invisalign users can also remove the aligners for flossing and brushing the teeth. Patients who are able to use the invisalign aligners usually have a shorter time for treatments, because their alignment is not extremely severe. Orthodontists in Canberra also recommend invisalign aligners for teenagers.

Patients also have the option to wear hidden invisible braces. These braces are fitted to the inside of the teeth and are invisible. They give the patients the perfect alignment, bite and renew their smile. Impressions of your teeth will be taken and then sent out to the manufacture so your braces can be designed for your particular needs. The newest in technology custom fits each brace to the teeth. A robot that has been computerized with the patients needs will bend each wire of the braces, giving the patient a perfect fit. A custom fit transfer tray is used to place the braces on each arch. Once the wires are fixed in the proper place the treatment is started for correcting the alignment of the teeth.

Most patients are suitable for the invisible braces. Many complicated orthodontic problems can be treated with the invisible braces. Teens and adults can be treated for mismatch jawbones, impacted teeth in the gums and severe crowding. The invisible braces are smaller than conventional braces, which makes them very comfortable to wear. Once the tongue is use to the braces being in the mouth, patients have found them easier to adjust to after each treatment.

Straightening teeth has become much easier over the past few years and a lot more colorful as well. The standard metal braces are individually wrapped to prevent tampering and contamination. Many adults and children who are more adventurous will choose to have the colorful braces put in their mouths. You can choose anything from light pink to metallic red and any color you may desire. There are also clear metal braces that are discrete, easy to clean and resist stains and discoloration.

If you, a family member or any of your friends, need to have orthodontist work done, check out the Orthodontists in Canberra and see how they can bring back everyone’s beautiful smiles.

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