A Career as a Highway Supervisor

A construction supervisor or a manager is the backbone of a civil engineering or a construction project. The professional is responsible for the proper maintenance of the daily works of the project workers. He ensures that the construction project he is in charge of is executed successfully. Construction supervisors look after the smooth coordination of work efforts and make sure that the activities are performed orderly and correctly.

It is worth mentioning that the position of construction supervisor does not involve the fulfilment of any construction work. He is at the helm of the construction project and supervises the tasks fulfilled by others. A construction supervisor needs to be well-versed in construction trades so that he is able to make accurate inspection and evaluation of the scope of a project.

Responsibilities- A construction supervisor is entrusted with many significant duties that vary from day to day based on the progress of the project activities and probable events. The basic duties of a construction supervisor include evaluation of workmanship and quality, coordination of activities between the subcontractors and review of plan discrepancies in the construction site. Resolving problems on the site is also the responsibility of this professional. Seeing that the project is on schedule and within budget is the most important responsibility of a construction supervisor.

Requirements- If you are considering highways supervisor jobs, acquiring a bachelor’s degree in construction management, civil engineering or in any related field can stand you in good stead. In case you have already obtained a degree in another discipline and want to become a construction supervisor, you need to gain experience in the construction industry. In order to attain the position of construction supervisor, a minimum of ten years of experience in the construction industry is required. You should build a strong base of knowledge of the different construction methods and trades.

Benefits- The pay package is decent in this profession. There are job benefits like bonuses, health insurance and vacation. Many construction companies provide the supervisors with a company vehicle and gas card as they are needed to travel extensively to many job sites.

After working as a construction supervisor for a considerable number of years, one can advance to the position of a project manager. How well-aware of the business elements of the construction like budget and cost-savings; this is taken into account while promoting a construction supervisor to the position of project manager. When you work as a construction supervisor, you should build an amicable relationship with the project owner to progress in your career.

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