Sonya The Cat Adopts Hedgehog Babies

Apparently these four weren’t ready to be independent so they found a surrogate in Sonya the cat. Sonya nurtures and feeds all her kids with her ample milk supply and apparently with no phobia of needles.

Even with 7,000 spines on their backs they are no threat to Sonya because those spines lay flat unless the hedgehogs are threatened.

There is good news for the families Russian owners also. The recommended diet for hedgehogs after nursing, you guessed it, tinned cat food.

Mother Cat has Hedgehog Babies

As for Sonya, she is happy spending her days nursing and bonding with her very unique family.

Averaging about 1 pound and the size of a softball when rolled up hedgehogs are outdoor creatures that typically live for 3-6 years so the question arises can this family stay intact and happy for the foreseeable future?

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