How To Plan Your Office Move In Toronto

The first thing you must do is understand the space you are moving into in terms of size. Is the office larger or smaller? If it’s a smaller space, you must understand what equipment you currently have, and what you will not be able to take with you. If it’s a larger space, you must determine how your company will work within it to make that space functional.

It’s best to start planning with professional Toronto office movers ahead of time. It’s recommended to start working with a professional moving company 3 to 6 months prior to your move date. This is because there’s a lot of preparation required especially for companies with 5 or more employees.

One of the things you must consider are the rules of your building. Most Class A buildings only allow moving on certain days, and you must reserve your move-in and move-out dates. You also need to inform your vendors of your move so that they can begin the process of ensuring there is no interruption of services.

The best way to get a quality estimate is for your mover to know exactly what you have. Take a detailed inventory of all your equipment, supplies, furniture, and other materials that you need moved. The better the inventory you take, the more accurate your estimated cost will be. The mover needs to determine how many man hours and how much man power will be needed for the job.

Other useful information to provide:

  • Whether or not there’s a dock
  • Where in the building is your office located. Which floor, how many floors, and location on each floor?
  • Where are and how many access points are there?

Most professional movers carry standard liability insurance. What that means is if the mover damages your table that weighs 200 pounds, the mover will owe you the standard fair to remove it. From there, you can add additional insurance to your entire move or just to certain items. For example, you can add additional insurance to a conference table you just purchased to make the mover fully responsible for it.

Professional movers are important to ensuring your company doesn’t suffer any downtime when you plan on office moving Toronto regardless if you are moving downtown or across the GTA, Rent-A-Son goes where you need them. They also save you from the liability of having your employees do the job. They can help you from start to finish to ensure the entire process is done efficiently.

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