Tips for Shopping in Liverpool

Because Liverpool looks out to the Atlantic some people say it has more in common with New York than with the rest of the UK. One way in which this is probably true is in terms of fashion, and Liverpool is second to none as an uber-fashionable, epicentre of style. In other words, the shops alone are a great reason to visit Liverpool.

Liverpool guys and girls have always known how to dress well, most of them anyway, but in recent years the inherent fashionable-ness of the average scouser has been turned up a notch. The building of Liverpool One, one of the biggest shopping areas in Europe, is partly responsible for this, days out in North West England will never be the same again.

Anyone who visits Liverpool One for the first time might be a little daunted by its sheer scale, the abundance of high street names for you to discover. For first time Liverpool One-ers here are some tips:

Look for independent shops. Many shopping malls have only large retail “brands” but Liverpool One likes to give floor space to lots of great independent shops. If you’re looking for bespoke, on trend and unique clothing delve into the independent retailers.

If possible, plan your trip for the sale season. The sales are a big deal in Liverpool One and you can get some great bargains. It’s true that some of the best dresses are pretty expensive, so going shopping in the sales is one of the most style savvy things you can do.

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