How to Slash Freight Shipping Charges


Your company needs to save the most money that it possibly can. The driving motive of any company is to make as much money as possible, and saving on your next round of freight shipping can go a long way toward helping you do just that. When companies exchange goods, items must be shipped. You can’t avoid using shipping methods, but you can have a say in how much money you spend to use the services. Use the following 5 tips to save your company some money the next time you use freight shipping.

1. Combine shipping charges when you have more than one item. Items are often shipped by weight, and combining two smaller weights of packages into a larger one will help you save money, since the shipping company gives discounts when you have to ship very heavy packages. This is one of the easiest ways to save money from shipping charges, but most people don’t know about it.

2. Have your items shipped to an airport or business location rather than your home. The more time it takes your item to get to its location, the more it will cost. If you can arrange to have the people you’re delivering to pick their items up at the airport, you could save a lot of money on shipping. That’s because the delivery people won’t have to navigate a bunch of streets to find their home. Keep in mind that the less time they are responsible for transporting your item, the less you’ll pay for shipping.

3. Inspect your shipping quote and make sure the final charges match. People often get shipping quotes but then they end up paying more in the end, because something on the final bill doesn’t match. Make sure that every step of your shipping process maintains the accuracy of the fees and services you’ll be paying for.

4. Take your time and package everything correctly the first time. If the shipping company has to repackage your shipment, it will cost you more money. You should especially be careful of this if you’re transporting fragile items.

5. Don’t wait until the last minute to ship your freight. If you know you have things that need to be shipped on a certain date, plan to ship it in a way that will allow you the cheapest shipping. If you wait until the last minute to ship something and it has to arrive the next day, you can obviously expect to pay a lot more for shipping. You should aim to ship your goods at least 5 days in advance of the day when your shipment actually needs to arrive at its location.

Paying too much money for shipping is a mistake that a lot of companies make. There’s no need to pay a load of money for a simple service like shipping. With some planning and thought, you could realistically reduce your shipping charges by 25 percent. Enjoy the savings on shipping and spend your money on more important things.

Patrick Johnson is a finance writer who understands the cost of semi truck insurance for those with trucking jobs.

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