Three Tips for Choosing a Paper Shredder

If you want to protect yourself against identity or keep company information private, there’s no doubt about it: you need a paper shredder. The right shredder will help you safely get rid of documents containing sensitive information so you can have peace of mind. Since there are a lot of shredders out there, you need to be choosy when selecting one. Here are three tips for choosing a paper shredder:

  • Pay attention to shredding capacity. Every shredder can only shred a certain amount of paper at once. A machine’s shredding capacity will dictate how quickly you can shred your documents. For example, if you need to shred large quantities of paper on a daily basis, you will want to choose a shredder that has a high shredding capacity so you can complete the job quickly.
  • Security is important. Since you are getting a shredder so you can protect private information you will want a machine that offers the right amount of security. Cross-cut shredders offer more security than strip-cut machines and some of them even receive governmental approval for the shredding of highly confidential documents. Check the shredder’s security level to get a feel for the protection it will give you. Security is rated on a scale of 1 to 6. Higher numbers denote more security.
  • Look for good safety features. It’s very important to stay safe when using a a shredder, so make sure you choose a machine with good safety features. At the very least, the shredder you choose should have an interlock switch to prevent accidental use. If you have the money for it, a shredder that can cease operation when your hands are near the feed opening is your best option. Always use your shredder with caution so you can complete the job without any trouble.

A paper shredder is an important machine to have and it’s vital that you choose the right one. Hopefully these tips will help you out when choosing your shredder. Good luck!


Brie Beazley is a Staff Writer for, an Oregon-based retailer of document finishing equipment and supplies.

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