How to Turn Your Bedroom Eco Green

Large Earth in Green Grass

Turning Your Bedroom Eco Green

Today everyone is becoming more conscious of the environment and some are actually doing something about it. The earth is part of us and its health should be as important as our own. Going green in the bedroom is a great place to start becoming more ecologically friendly. Here are 4 suggestions for turning your bedroom Eco green.

Plants in the Room

Start by getting some live plants and add some character to your bedroom. Different plants can add a masculine or a feminine feel to its surroundings . Depending on the ones you choose, your bedroom’s vibe will be playful, romantic, fresh, or relaxing while it breathes life through your walls. Having a variety of plants in your bedroom will also aid in refreshing the air as you sleep giving you well rested nights and healthier days.

Avoid Electronics

A water drop from a green leaveReduce the amount of energy used by limiting the electronics in your bedroom. Let the sun shine through and try to just use a simple lamp at night. Avoid as many electronics as possible by only using the alarm on your cell phone. Things like radios, televisions, the air conditioner, heaters, and other such electronics are hard to live without. If you are going to use them, make sure you keep them turned off when they are not in use. Keep this in mind for your entire house and you’ll notice  big savings on your electric bills.

Your Bed & Bedding

Woman Sleeping in Bamboo SheetsPerhaps the most important place to go Eco Green is where people spend most of their lives… their bed. Start by getting an organic mattress. You can find 100% organic mattresses made out of natural latex, bamboo fabric, or organic cotton. Bamboo fabric is a great material for your bedding and is not only 100% organic, but its anti-bacterial properties make it a healthy choice to sleep with. You can buy bamboo pillows, bamboo sheets, pillow cases, and even blankets made of bamboo fabric. Try to find a bed frame that is Eco friendly as well. There are companies that make beds out of recycled materials. Maybe the best idea would be finding beds made out of abundant resources like the bamboo frame which would go great with your bamboo sheets. You can sleep better knowing that your bed is chemical free and environmentally safe.

Your Bedroom Walls

Organic paint isn’t hard to find in this new environmentally-friendly age. Choose a color that’s right for you and paint your walls with an organic & Eco-friendly paint solution. Next, come up with some creative ways to decorate your new fresh walls. You can make your own curtains or find some made out of organic fabric. Build your own picture frames or find an Eco green artist to decorate your bedroom.

Going Eco Green is a Way of Life

You’ll feel great knowing that you’ve done your part to help keep the environment safe. Giving back to the earth will not just help you live a much healthier and longer life, but will also benefit your children and grandchildren. The future is now – Live Eco Green.


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