What is BestofFiverr.com?

What is BestofFiverr.com?

BestofFiverr.com is a growing website that was created in October of 2010.  It is dedicated to the Fiverr business community and is a great resource for educating yourself on the good, the bad, and the ugly of Fiverr.com.

Its a beautiful thing

The beauty of BestofFiverr is that the writers publish true stories about actual gigs they have purchased on Fiverr.  This gives its readers an inside look at what can happen when you buy Fiverr gigs.  The stories are well written and so entertaining that you may find  yourself spending hours reading through them all.

Avoid Scams

Just because a seller has a lot of good recent feedback on his gig doesn’t always mean he is delivering a quality service.  BestofFiver explains in detail about different scams on Fiverr and educates its readers about what to look for before purchasing a gig. This is essential for frequent buyers because the Fiverr site itself does very little to prevent misleading gigs.

Hidden Gem

This site is a hidden gem for buyers because they are able to weed out the garbage and save money they would of spent on worthless gigs by actually finding quality work surfing through BestofFiverr. There’s also benefits for sellers as they are presented with options to have their gigs reviewed and promoted as well.

So whether you are a buyer or seller, no matter how big or small, there is something for you on BestofFiverr.com

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